NEVIN MILLAN was born and raised in an international household, with immigrant parents of Croatian and Indian heritage, in the heartland of America, St. Louis, Missouri. He embarked on his career in the entertainment industry at 4 years old when he began playing the violin and piano. After making his stage debut as 'Donald Duck' in a grade school play, the seeds to his dreams and aspirations were planted. His passion for music grew at the John Burroughs High School (also the alma mater of "Mad Men"'s Jon Hamm, "The Office"'s Ellie Kemper, Oscar nominee Beau Willimon, and "24"'s Sarah Clarke) where he sang in the choir and learned to play the guitar and drums, starting a rock band shortly thereafter.

     He continued his music and acting through college at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL, where he earned a bachelor‘s degree as well as two master‘s degrees, including an MBA and Master's in Industrial Engineering.  During this time, he extracurricularly continued to pursue and develop artistic endeavors. This is when his love for theatre, Shakespeare, and stage performing blossomed and he began to professionally hone his craft as an actor.

     After a six month sojourn in Paris where he spent much time in a myriad of museums appreciating masterpieces of art and experiencing the diverse cultures Europe has to offer, he moved to Los Angeles and began his two year Meisner training at the Joanne Baron / D.W. Brown Studio, followed by a summer of vocal, classical, and Shakespeare training with Patsy Rodenburg (formerly from the RSC).
     Nevin currently resides in Los Angeles, actively working as an actor, writer, musician and producer. He has credits in network television shows, as well as feature films and stage productions and continues to garner roles in major studio and independent film and television productions worldwide. He most recently appeared in the ensemble ancient Roman period epic short film Exitus Roma, directed by the talented, award winning director Fawaz Al-Matrouk. In 2011, Nevin co-produced a comedy TV pilot, "Being Bin Laden" written and executive produced by members of "The Family Guy" team and starring Steven Weber, Fred Savage, and Rachael Harris. In 2009, Nevin starred in the epic historical drama “DIDGORI: Land of Sacrificed Knights” which he also co-wrote and co-produced appearing as 'Hugo De Payens', the founder of the Templar Knights. Also in 2009, he appeared on the History Channel series “Battles B.C.“ starring as Pharaoh Ramesses where his sword fighting skills are displayed. In 2007, the short film "In Another Time", which he produced, adapted, and starred in, screened at the Palm Springs Short Film Festival and the Los Angeles Short Film Festival to rave reviews. In 2006, the short film "Balance" that he produced and starred in, screened at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival.
    He is currently working on three screenplays, a novel, and has recently produced several music videos with talented writer/director Lloyd DeSouza. In addition, he is working on a 6 song EP album of his music. Nevin is also an animal rights activist, PETA supporter, and follows a vegan, plant-based diet.
    Nevin is the epitome of a multi-faceted artist. His exotic look allows him to be cast across the board ethnically, which his exceptional talent for languages and accents facilitates. His intense passion, perseverance, professionalism, pursuit of knowledge and deep love of the arts, as well as his scholastic intelligence make him one of the most versatile artists in the entertainment industry.

NEVIN MILLAN is a proud member of:

Screen Actors Guild       MENSA